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Apr. 25th, 2007

The Fangirl

(no subject)

There seems to be a questioning of Fangirl authority lately. Renge has been taking orders quite well and trying to quell such terrible murmurings among the masses, but it seems the International Fangirl's Association wants us to take more drastic steps.

It's all very constitutional.

As outlined in The Code of the Fangirl; Section XVI, Subsection E, Paragraph 5, Line 243: Should discontent stir among the occupants of fandom, critical measures may and must be taken immediately unless the very order and fabric of fandom be threatened into chaos. Edit: Implications of a tear in the fabric of fandom can be quite severe. Symptoms include MPREG, formation of crack ships in canon, and straight tennis boys.

Thus, as ordered by the IFA and sanctioned by The Code of the Fangirl, I am forced to act hastily and quickly in the name of fandom!


Renge, report to headquarters immediately for further instructions and an update on the monitoring of the situtation.

Apr. 5th, 2007

Fangirl senses

(no subject)

Another almost MFLE-sized catastrophe aside, things have been busy lately at the IFA. Some sections of the Code of the Fangirl are being updated and constant evening meetings have been required on my part for nearly a month now. Never a moment's rest in the life of a Fangirl. Or The Fangirl, if you will.

Renge, how is that scrapbook coming? I hear you have a few unique ships to add to the list. It sounds excellent. We can't wait to recieve your report at the end of this month. Full color with observations and multiple pictures, I've heard? Excellent work.

I was contacted by one of the other fangirls today in hopes to come into contact with a certain Shishido Ryou and Inoue Orihime. Unfortunately, access for her was restricted by the IFA as she has Vaizard and HIME duties to attend to, but luckily for her I am a gracious and kind Fangirl. Besides, I thought the fic was all kinds of adorable.

I'll have to start following you two more closely then. ^___^


Title: That's What Friends Are For
Author: Fangirl prpl_pen
Genre: Cute :3
Ship: Shishido/Orihime

Kisses in the RainCollapse )

Friends indeed. Care to share? :3

Mar. 5th, 2007

The Fangirl

(no subject)

I do hope you haven't forgotten my presence already. There were a few negotiations and a fairly intimidating stack of paperwork to go through after the MFLE incident.

Which, I would like to point out, was not the fault of the Fangirls in the Fanon section of the library. Any time you would like to give us an apology, Bob, we will be more than happy to hear it.

I see we have many new members here. Very good. More research for the files.

Also, please let it be known that the zombies did not originate from the IFA or the MFLE library. Although there was a copy of The Living Dead: On the Art of Making Zombies and Creating a Zombie Army to Rule the World With that was reported missing from the fanon section a few weeks ago.

We claim no responsibility for this.

The IFA will also be holding its annual drabble submission and filing event in the coming month. I do believe I've been held responsible for organizing this. A discount on the Disturbing-Fanart-Sensor for anyone who should choose to help.

I also see that Renge has finally made an appearance. The IFA has approved the presence of both of us here, since Brawl seems to keep growing with no end in sight. Renge, dear, I do believe the head of the IFA wanted me to speak with you about possible snapshots and the compilation of a scrapbook.

I suggest beginning with drunken!Ulquiorra. He is rather woobly, isn't he? :D

Jan. 26th, 2007

The Fangirl

(no subject)

I am very pleased to announce that the International Fangirl's Association (IFA) and the curators of the Multi-Fandom Library of Everything (MFLE) have just broken through in negotiations, which have been raging for the past month or so.

We IFA members will now be managing the Fanon section at the MFLE library for access to Canon and Fanon materials at the library.

Yet another day gone by and yet another pan-fandom universe smoothly run by the Fangirls.

Please tell your boss that it was a pleasure doing business, Bob. ^____^

Jan. 22nd, 2007

The Fangirl

A Peek Into the Records; #1

The Association has granted me permission to have an occasional feature on here, which I like to call A Peek Into The Records.

Hanaaaaaa. You're still my Goal. Do not worry. I have not forgotten.



But today's A Peek Into the Records is to enlighten everyone into the wonders that is, yes, you guessed it, ArrancarLove.

Yes, Ulqui and Grimmy-chan~ that means you two! ♥ ♥


Their Love is So EmoCollapse )

But wait! We're not done. Since Ulqui and I have such a SPECIAL CONNECTION (*____*), I have a SPECIAL sneak peak into HIS records. *_____*

He's so adorable when he emos.Collapse )

And now. Because no post is complete without it. :|


So in conclusion. This week's A Peek Into The Records can be summed up in three words:






Jan. 15th, 2007

The Fangirl

(no subject)

I've been promoted to Head Fangirl In Charge of Interwebular Brawling Affairs. Or the HFICIB. You can call me The Fangirl, though.

Under Section IV, Subsection E, Passage 12, Line 67 of the Code of the Fangirl I'm not supposed to divulge my name at this point in time. But some of you should know who I really am. :3


I see I came just in time for new members to join. Excellent, excellent. The Clerk will be pleased to hear this.

I hear the Association is going to organize a Legion soon, but the rules and regulations are still under discussion. We'll probably come to an agreement on it during the International Fangirl Association's Monthly meeting. I think the next one falls next Friday. Or at least I think so. There might be a Seminar for Fangirling Etiquette then, though. I should check my calendar.

I already have my first goal.

HIIIIIIIII HANA. HOW ARE YOU. *____________________*

Now that the IFA is present, I am sure that our filing system will run more smoothly now. Especially when certain members destroy all that is canon and fanon in our files by turning into cats or exchanging personalities and the like.

Have any of you ever thought of investing into a Chaos Restraining Home Security Device yet? I think the IFA recieved rights for its patent a month or so ago. I could possibly offer it for half price depending on what offers you give me.

That's what I'm here for. Well. Other than fangirling. *__________*

Hi. ^___________________^